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Daily menu:  145 kronor

Soups: from 45 kr

Tomato   soup
Zuchini   soup
Carrot     soup
Leak        soup

served with homemade bread

Main courses: 185 kr

Do you have special wishes?  Let us know , 4 days in advance

Salmon , different fashions

Hotpot with meatballs or sausages
The Dutch Hotpot with lamb or beef
Spaghetti with fish, mushrooms and ruccola
Porkfilet with stroganoff sauce All dishes with fried potatoes ( or pureed) , vegetables and salad.
We also serve vegetarian and glutenfree dishes.

Fish soup 65 kr
Dahlsoup 65 kr
Indonesian egg soup 65 kr


Cod filet in hollandaise sauce
Mussels in wine/beer sauce


Ragout from deer
Filet from Duck
Filet mignon
Lamb in thymian-honey sauce

Special menu ‘s from 215 kr-260 kr.

Lunch 115  kronor

Served between 11 and 13.30

Lasagne with onion minced meats tomato/herbsauce cheese and litlle sallad

Spaghetti with bacon and egg leak garlic cream and cheese

Salmon in mustard sauce, vegetables and pureed potatoe.
Plaicefillet with baked potatoes and vegetables.
Fishpot  from the oven.
Carrot and onion dish with sausage and bacon.