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Living In Harmony With Nature - about us


Vita Krala, meaning ”lively white farm”, has been the name of this property since it was originally built in 1750. It was restored in 1881, but was not touched again until we began renovations ourselves in recent years. In keeping with our philosophy of living in harmony with nature, we have used natural and recycled materials for traditional construction techniques as much as possible. 

Although all modern comforts can be found here, we have integrated re-use and efficiency into our daily lives, often using what can be found at hand both from the forest and our own farm instead of buying new. And as nature is all around us, we strive to protect it as best we can, using low-energy lightbulbs, beehives, bird and insect shelters, compost, and natural clay walls through which run hot water pipes for heating.


We invite you to enjoy the simple tranquility of our surroundings and experience the many delightful pastimes rural Swedish life has to offer: hiking, canoe and bicycle trails, swimming in the nearby lakes, berry and mushroom picking, even bird- and beaver-watching in the summer and ice fishing and cross-country skiing in the winter. 

In the restaurant, we prepare our dishes fresh daily using local and organic produce, meats, breads and pastries. The menu is a delicious blend of family-style comfort food and exciting international flair. Inspired by the Chef's own travels and experiences abroad, the menu changes with the seasons and the availability of local ingredients, making for a unique dining experience every time. Vegetarian, lactose- and gluten-free are always available upon request.


This is Vita Krala, our beloved home, and you are most welcome here! We are sure you’ll have a great stay with us, any time of the year.

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